AccuGen………..Your LOCAL DNA testing experts!

Other labs that offer the same service are typically $25-$150 more expensive than us due to the fact that we are more of a mom and pop facility. Our lab is AABB certified and our chain of custody testing is accepted by US Immigration, Child Support, Social Security, Medical Examiner, U of L Athletics, Indiana Health Department, State Police, family court. We also work with private investigations (i.e. mcbridepi.com) companies for infidelity testing.

We are located in the Louisville, Kentucky, Jeffersonville, Indiana, New Albany, Indiana, Corydon, Indiana and Clarksville, Indiana areas offering expert DNA testing services and have been for 12 years. DNA Testing is our ONLY business, not a sideline or one of 10 different things we do, it’s the ONLY thing we do.

Our office is conveniently located at 8401 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, Ky. 40222. We are a half mile east of Oxmoor Mall. We are ready to serve your needs whether you need a DNA test for paternity, immigration or infidelity. We have DNA tests for your legal needs as well as your peace of mind.
   •    Best Prices – We make it affordable (lowest priced in town)
   •    Accurate – Typically 99.99% or greater
   •    Quick turnaround – 3-5 business days
   •    Tests are professionally collected and extremely confidential
   •    Personal touch, a case manager works with you from start to finish.

Try our Homekit! (Can’t make it in… Want to save even more?)
Save money and collect the sample yourself. Call or email us and we will send you a home collection kit. Since you are doing part of the work the Peace of Mind test will only cost you $139. We not only immediately call you with the results (upon receipt from the lab), we will also email you a copy as well. With us, you’re treated as a person with feelings and not like a number as with the other companies providing similiar services.

Note: Homekits are NOT legally admissible. As long as you follow our instructions, our tests are guaranteed, no “inconclusive” results.

Call Today for Your Confidential Consultation and Appointment Same day, after hours and weekend appointments. We also collect at the hospital, attorney’s office or our office at no extra charge. We service Louisville and the surrounding Kentucky and Southern Indiana area.

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